Posted by: sean | June 15, 2005

Some things you might have missed

Since I started this site, pretty much all of the entries have been on depressing subjects, things that I think are important, but which are pretty big downers.

Since it’s my birthday, however, I’d like to post a couple of more light hearted things.

Here’s an oldish but funny article from the odd jobs department over at the The New Yorker about the guy who writes the fortunes in the fortune cookies at most Chinese restaurants in the US. Confucious’ cookie spokesman assures us that even the best of ’em suffer from writer’s block from time to time.

In other news, the hard-hitting editorialist, Ellen Turlington from the Onion gives us here take on the Darfur crisis.

[L]ately, the main stories in the news seem to be about Deep Throat, the new summer blockbusters, and something about stem cells. Since I’m sure I would have remembered if the U.S. had intervened in some way to stop it, I can only assume that the whole genocide-in-Darfur thing has somehow worked itself out.

And finally, although it’s over half a year old, I’m sure that not nearly enough people have read about the harrowing Florida congressional race of candidate Richard Grayson. Here is his diary, which explains the whole process from beginning to end. The whole thing is funny and worth reading. It really gives you a good hard look into what it takes to run for Congress.

Here are a couple of gems from the end of his campaign:

Tuesday, November 2

…I’m handing out homemade leaflets that say, “Get on the Kerry, Edwards, Castor, Grayson Team.”

A man refuses to take one but wishes me luck with a capital “F.”

Wednesday, November 3

The people have spoken, the subhuman douche bags.


  1. What it takes to run for Congress is a severe personality disorder — but thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I’m actually surprised that you found the mention of your campaign.

    May 2006 or 2008 hold better days, future Congressman Grayson.

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