Posted by: sean | July 4, 2005

Time magazine and the Armenian genocide

According to messages circulating on h-net’s genocide discussion network, Time magazine’s European edition sent out a DVD denying the Armenian genocide to nearly half a million readers with its June 6 edition. The European Armenian Federation and Genocide1915 have begun letter writing campaigns in order to publicize what they say is a Turkish denial, paid for with the help of the Ankara’s Chamber of Commerce and apparently attached to a Turkish tourism advertisement.

I haven’t seen the DVD yet, but I have sent off a request to another genocide scholar to get a copy, and I will go check out the June 6 edition of Time magazine at the national library this weekend. I will post more as soon when I’ve seen the film and found out more about the circumstances of its provenance and distribution.

This seems to be a hot topic lately, since the Schwarzenegger’s run-in with Turkish groups and the “postponement” of the conference entitled, “Ottoman Armenians at the End of Empire: Academic Responsibility and Issues of Democracy.”

For more information about the Armenian genocide and Turkish denial, see this open letter to Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, by the International Association of Genocide Scholars.


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