Posted by: sean | November 27, 2005

Sleepless in Sudan

Via Kristof’s column today, I found a blog by an aid worker in Darfur, who is giving uncensored information from Sudan and who, for fear of being kicked out of the country, is remaining anonymous.

In case you can’t access the Kristof article, he’s not really saying anything new: the African Union peacekeepers don’t have enough people, money or matériel; the US isn’t doing anything; things are getting worse, not better.

But at least Kristof keeps writing about Darfur. He may, at times, sound like a slightly annoying record that keeps skipping, particularly if you listen to the multimedia pieces on the Times website, but he is one of the only people from a large American media outlet who has been struggling to keep Darfur ingrained in his public’s fickle short-term memory. And for that, he deserves respect.

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