Posted by: sean | June 21, 2006

Back in Beirut

I’ve just arrived in Beirut after a hectic few days of getting everything prepared for this trip. I’ll be in the Middle East until September and will be trying to blog from here as much as possible – hopefully more than usual.

I never managed to get my visa for Syria, so I’ll probably try my luck at the border in the next few days. Some friends want me to come to Jordan, but you have to go through Syria to get to Jordan from Lebanon, so I might not be able to make it, which would be a shame, because it would be nice to stay with a family in Amman and then maybe go visit Petra as well.

There is a certain sense of home that I feel here in Beirut. I felt it the first time I came, and I’m feeling it again, now that I’m back. There was the same sign of Ronald McDonald saying “Welcome to Lebanon” at the airport and I was able to direct the cab driver directly to my friend’s place, no small feat considering how bad my sense of direction is.

I lucked out at the airport, because there was some sort of a problem with the visa stand, so they just let everyone have their visa for free. It’s only $17, but it’s a nice feeling all the same.

I’m going to try to post pictures from time to time also, because I think this blog needs some spicing up…


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