Posted by: sean | June 29, 2006

Getting to Syria

I’ve had my fair share of visa problems in the last year or two. I’ve had Libya, Sudan and now Syria all do their best to stop me from visiting. I’ve given up on the first two for the time being, but I’m still holding out for Syria.

So I’m in Beirut for the time being. It’s difficult to work on my Arabic here, because classes are prohibitively expensive, and almost everyone speaks English or French much better than I speak Arabic. It seems like a little bubble here in Beirut. A bubble filled with beautiful women, bars and short skirts.

A few hours away, Israel has taken out several bridges, destroyed electricity transformers in Gaza, and detained a third of Hamas’ cabinet and an unknown number of lawmakers. The Israelis have flown over Syrian President Assad’s summer house on the coast and spoken of attacking the leader of Hamas’ military wing, who lives in Damascus. On all sides of Lebanon, the tension can be felt, but here, we?re going out and drinking, watching the world cup and sipping coffee.

Brazil beat Ghana the other night; there were fireworks and dancing in the streets.


  1. good luck getting to Syria, meanwhile have fun in Lebanon

    Syrian Dead Canaries

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