Posted by: sean | July 12, 2006

Hezbollah v. Israel

It seems that Hizbollah has attacked Israel and taken two soldiers. According to the CNN correspondant in Beirut, there are celabratory gunshots in the southern suburbs. I can’t hear any, but then again, I’m in Hamra and not in the Shi’ite suburbs. And honestly, if I hadn’t turned on the television, I wouldn’t know that anything was happening.

I was supposed to go down to the south of Lebanon this weekend, but depending on how things play out in the next few days, I think I’ll probably wait to see how things go before driving down there.

I know that it’s easier for the IDF to attack Gaza than it is to launch a full attack against Lebanon (there have already been a few air strikes inside lebanese territory on Hizbollah targets), but I’m not terribly optimistic about Israel’s response to such an attack, considering their response to the recent Hamas attack.

CNN seems intent on stressing the “celabratory gunfire in Beirut,” which is misleading at best. The Beirut correspondant said that there was gunfire in the southern suburbs, which are bastions of Shi’ite Hezbollah supporters. From where I am, Hamra, which is the prodominantly Muslim neighborhood where the Lebanese American University and the American University in Beirut are, is calm and gunfire-free.

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