Posted by: sean | July 14, 2006

Hizbollah sinks an Israeli ship and Nasrallah addresses Lebanon

According to al Manar, Israel has confirmed the sinking of one of their shiups off the coast of Lebanon. Nasrallah, after surviving an Israeli attack unhurt, is speaking, and he is saying that he does not believe in an international community and that he is sorry for the loss of Lebanese lives. He is calling on the Lebanese people to go take a look at the sinking ship before it is submerged in the Mediterannean. He is saying that like before (when Hezbollah forced Israel out of southern Lebanon in 2000), the Lebanese people will prevail.

His message to Israel: “Your new government is incompetent, does not know how to measure proportionality and is very weak and inexperienced. … When you hit Beirut, we will hit Haifa. When you hit Dahiye, we will hit Haifa. … We can reach Haifa, and what’s after Haifa and what’s after what’s after Haifa.”

UPDATE: The Israelis are claiming that the warship was “slightly damaged.” Al Jazeera is saying that Hezbollah has sunk the ship. Lebanese forces are, according to Al Jazeera, “fending off amphibious Israeli forces” off the coast of Saida.



  1. I see nothing in Al Jazeera. Can you provide a link?

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