Posted by: sean | July 15, 2006

Anti Nasrallah sentiment?

While I was buying a cheese and zataar manouche today, a guy came up and gave this flyer to a friend with me:

The snake in the corner is Nasrallah, and the text says, The resistance defends the nation? The nation is sacrificed by the resistance… (al maqawama tahmi wattan? al wattan tahiya al maqawama…)

We passed the flyer around so that everyone could see, then two Lebanese officers from the police station came by and asked my friend for his paper, which he took to mean papers, starting to get out his passport. They said no, and told him that they wanted to see the flyer. They inspected it and then asked him where it came from. A few minutes later, a young kid about ten years old came up and asked to see it too. Then the guy who gave us the flyer came back with more, passing them out. He and his friends started loudly discussing how the Lebanese people didn’t need Hizbollah.

It’s hard to say if they were sincere, because there was a police station within earshot. They could have been trying to find people with anti-Hizbollah sentiments, because after all, the other day, Nasrallah did say, in a pronouncement that would make Bush proud: if you’re against us, you’re against Lebanon.


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