Posted by: sean | July 17, 2006

Border crossing, refugee children from Tyre and F-16 downed

I just ran into a woman and her 4 children who has just come from Tyre. The first thing she asked was whether there were bombs here too. She didn’t speak any English (only Arabic and German), so I had to interpret in bad German for my friend who was trying to help her get in touch with the German embassy (she and her children are German citizens).

We gave her the number for the German embassy in Beirut and sent the Germans an email with her information so that she could get evacuated. She told me that she didn’t care if she went to France or Italy or Germany or wherever, so long as her kids could get out of Lebanon. Tyre has been bombed many times in the last few days. She has a 2-month old baby in addition to her three other children children, who are 9, 8 and 5 years old.

My Dutch friend just crossed the Syrian border. She was stuck there for a while, because there were so many people crossing: Dutch, Brazilian, Czech and Swiss busses among others. She said that the road was fine and that all was calm, since the Israelis must know that a lot of foreign nationals are leaving by road.

I’m watching al-Jazeera, and they are reporting that Hizbollah has just downed an Israeli F-16.



  1. Sean,

    the economy in Lebanon will collapse soon. I am worried that this forthcoming aspect will put you in a dire situation. It seems you have to wait for the Americans to help you out at this point, although the US seems to be highly disorganized in evacuating their nationals.

    Have you considered contacting any Christian churches around your area? I am sure they will provide a safe haven in the meantime.


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