Posted by: sean | July 17, 2006

To all my friends and family

With the help of my friends all over the world and some connections from work, I’ve been lucky enough to find a way out of the country in a UN convoy. My colleagues and friends at UNESCO especially, and some diplomats and friends from Iraq and Iceland, have been very helpful, and I appreciate this greatly. It is in situations like this that you realize how much your friends and family really care about you. My family has been worried sick but have done everything they can to help me leave.

So to everyone who has worried about me, made telephone calls and sent emails for me, given me advice, checked up, sent encouraging words or called just to say that they’re thinking of me, thank you. Thank you very much.

I almost regret leaving, because many of my friends here cannot. I have the privilege of having the right color passport, or in the case of my Palestinian friends, of having a passport at all. So it is both with relief and with a heavy heart that I leave this city that I love so much and all of my friends here, whom I’ll miss very much.

I’ll probably spend most if not all of tomorrow in the bus or on the border tomorrow, but when I arrive in Amman, I’ll post an update of the voyage.



  1. Hooray!


  2. Good to hear, Sean. – Annelie

  3. youpi ! Finalement, tu vas en profiter pour visiter la Jordanie en plus, petit veinard !!

  4. Take care there. And congratulations ! You have been linked from, the newspaper that covers all the truth of 11-M in Spain.

    Anyhow, Hezbollah and islamic terrorism are the maximum responsible.

    Regards from Spain.

  5. Congratulations!
    There still must be a long and hard way to go before you reach Paris. Please take care!

  6. far, far away
    you are in my head and heart.
    please take care of yourself.

    miss you,

    julie in boston

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