Posted by: sean | July 19, 2006

Out of Beirut and in Damascus

I arrived safely last night to Damascus, and UNRWA has welcomed me with open arms. For one reason or another, the convoy split at the Syrian border, with the World Bank bus and one or two other buses going to the Dead Sea. I was told by UNDP and UNRWA in Syria that there were no hotels at the Dead Sea, so I stayed here at the UNRWA training center in Damascus.

Representatives from UNHCR, UNRWA and UNDP are arranging for me to leave to Amman today, since it seems that my Syrian transit visa is only good for 24 hours. I will be staying with friends in Amman until I can arrange for a flight back to Paris, which will probably take a few days. I will check in with the Amman UNESCO office today or tomorrow morning at the latest.

I will give a more detailed account when I get to Amman.


  1. everything it goes to finish well.

    God bless you!

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