Posted by: sean | July 20, 2006

In Amman now

I arrived last night in Amman to my friend’s house, where I’ve been received in the Arabic tradition, that is to say with open arms and unlimited hospitality. I’ll be figuring out my ticket back to Paris and should be back in France in the next week or so.

Yesterday was a bloody day for Lebanon, even more so than “usual.” At least 55 Lebanese civilians were killed in Israeli attacks, bringing the toll up to over 300. The Israelis also attacked Achrifieh, which is a chic Christian neighborhood of Beirut.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, has spoken out agains the assaults by Israel and Hizbollah:

Indiscriminate shelling of cities constitutes a foreseeable and unacceptable targeting of civilians… Similarly, the bombardment of sites with alleged military significance, but resulting invariably in the killing of innocent civilians, is unjustifiable.

Responding to complaints that Israel has been using disproportionate force, Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador to the UN, had the following to say: “You’re damn right we are.”

In other news, The New York Times published a letter to the editor that I sent them the other day.

I’ve been told that El Pais linked to my blog, but I haven’t been able to find it, so a link would be appreciated.

An Australian friend of mine who has stayed in Beirut is also keeping a blog. You can check it out here.



  1. here is the link to Elpais, where they say your name is Dean, and you’re english… :


  2. Thinking of you and hope to see you soon in Paris…


  3. hi sean,
    Hope you are fine now. I just spoke to my friend, who lives in amman an he told me, that if you want you can call him and he will show you around or help you with anything. His no. +962796071975, his name is Tomas.


  4. Nicolas nous a régulièrement tenus informés de ton périple.
    Bien contents de te savoir sorti de cette situation.
    En espérant te revoir bientôt à Paris
    Françoise et Jean-Pierre

  5. Ha…

    “But late Tuesday the Bush administration bowed to a public outcry and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice waived the fees.”

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