Posted by: sean | July 25, 2006

Petra and Aqaba

There’s been no news about Amal or a negotiation for the captured Israeli troops. There has been more and more talk about a multinational force, but in order to patrol the border and disarm Hizbollah, it would have to be enormous and belligerant.

Forcefully trying to disarm Hizbollah seems foolish, and if this is attempted by foreign troops, they will quickly find themselves in a hostile quagmire.

If Hizbollah is to be disarmed, there needs to be a diplomatic solution that would include regularizing the border between Israel and Lebanon, especially the Shebba Farms that Israel still occupies; prisoner exchanges; and folding Hizbollah forces into a national Lebanese army under the control of Beirut.



  1. I doubt that there will be a mediator in this dialogue between US and Israel/Hizbollah. Rice said herself that “This is a time for a new Middle East”, thus ruling out any chances for diplomacy as the American/Israeli war machine continues to grind its gears. The sad thing is, the world waited on edge for Rice to make an appearance. The US had an opportunity to change the face of this war, but instead only incited more violence. Im afraid that we find ourselves on the cusp of World War 3.

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