Posted by: sean | August 9, 2006

A letter from Beirut…

I arrived in Amman from Jerusalem yesterday. I was worried about crossing back over, especially since I brought back a small olive tree for the Palestinian family who’s been so kind as to take care of me while I’m here, but the Israelis don’t seem to care about what goes out of the country.

George Galloway spoke out against the media bias while I was on my way home.

A friend also sent me a link to a video letter from Beirut…to who love us. You can download it here:

Now, listen well. We are besieged and the smell of gunpoweder is in the air. Gunpowder, and the world is watching.We are besieged because the world is watching. What matters is that we still have a bit of food and water. And pride. And dignity. And above all lots of love.

We are 4 million people; 4 million and one who was born today in a school under siege. We are here. Where are you?

The first clip is angry, because there is a lot to be angry about. The second clip is sad, because there is even more to be sad about.


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