Posted by: sean | August 11, 2006

America at its worst

While I was in Jerusalem, I was sent a forwarded e-mail that asked whether or not a good Muslim can be a good American. The answer, of course, was no. I figured that this was just another case of racist drivel perpetuated by forwarded e-mails, but imagine my disappointment when I saw that it is a sentiment shared by many Americans according to this Gallup poll.

A new Gallup poll finds that many Americans — what it calls “substantial minorities” — harbor “negative feelings or prejudices against people of the Muslim faith” in this country. Nearly one in four Americans, 22%, say they would not like to have a Muslim as a neighbor.

While Americans tend to disagree with the notion that Muslims living in the United States are sympathetic to al-Qaeda, a significant 34% believe they do back al-Qaeda. And fewer than half — 49% — believe U.S. Muslims are loyal to the United States.

Almost four in ten, 39%, advocate that Muslims here should carry special I.D. That same number admit that they do hold some “prejudice” against Muslims. Forty-four percent say their religious views are too “extreme.”

In every case, Americans who actually know any Muslims are more sympathethic.

The poll was taken at the end of July and surveyed 1,007 adult Americans.

Special identification? Is the US going even more insane? Why don’t we just make them little crescents to sew on their clothes?



  1. I am almost sure that these stated statistics have much more to them than what appears on the surface.

    Still, I would love to see what Europeans think of Muslims. As far as I understand, almost every Muslim populations within any European country (with the exceptions of perhaps Britain and Germany) do not even allow for the fostering and growth of Muslim civic institutions.

    Hence, during the immigration riots, France gets the arrogant intellectuals and corrupt politicians who defined the situation, yet the world never got to hear what the French-Muslims thought of what happened themselves. It is only later in which we learn that the “French Muslim Problem” is merely a product of economic impoverishment, and nothing else.


  2. This is not a contest to see what country hates Muslims the most.

    Let me know when you find out what’s really behind these stats…

  3. Answer: The Christian Right.

    Contest: Keeping loose assertions both “fair” and “accurate”.


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