Posted by: sean | August 14, 2006

Cease-fire begins

After a last-minute push by Israeli troops and another 220 rockets fired by Hizbollah, the cease-fire has begun. It only took a month:

…since July 12, nearly 1,150 Lebanese are estimated to have died, most of them civilians, and about 150 Israelis, mostly soldiers. Israel says 500 Hezbollah fighters have been killed, a figure Hezbollah disputes. In Gaza, nearly 200 Palestinians have died, many of them militants.

We’ll see what this actually means, since both sides seem to have reserved the right to respond to the other:

Eli Yishai, the Israeli trade minister, also issued a stark warning to Lebanon even if the ceasefire comes into force, saying, “If a single stone is thrown at Israel from whatever village that happens, it should be turned into a pile of stones.”

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Saturday, “As long as there is Israeli military movement, Israeli field aggression and Israeli soldiers occupying our land … it is our natural right to confront them, fight them and defend our land, our homes, and ourselves.”


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