Posted by: sean | September 17, 2006

Bush’s message on Iran

I don’t really know what to make of this piece in the Post. It’s about Bush and his message to the Iranian people. Strangely enough, it seems pretty reasonable and even reasoned:

“I would say to the Iranian people: We respect your history. We respect your culture. We admire the entrepreneurial skills of your people. I would say to the Iranian people that I recognize the importance of your sovereignty — that you’re a proud nation, and you want to have a positive future for your citizens,” Bush said, answering quickly and without notes.

“In terms of the nuclear issue,” he continued, “I understand that you believe it is in your interest — your sovereign interest, and your sovereign right — to have nuclear power.

He even goes on to suggest more cultural and educational exchanges with Iran. There doesn’t seem to be any belligerence here, which makes me wonder who has kidnapped Bush and replaced him with an unbelievable simulacrum?



  1. Well, the Bush Administration is facing unprecedented pressure from all fronts at this moment. He even shocked the GOP when he outright tried to pull away from the Geneva Conventions for the sake of setting up independent US military tribunals at a whim. My guess is that Bush & cohorts are pushing toward the center, perhaps near McCain and Powell (who somewhat support national sovereignties and international law).

    At this point in time, I am really curious how Bush will try to reach out to the Blair administration, and if Blair is foolish enough to even communicate.


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