Posted by: sean | October 20, 2006

Former Janjaweed fighter tells his story

The BBC has exerpts of an account of a former Janjaweed fighter, who explains how things work in Darfur:

I tell you one fact. The Janjaweed don’t make decisions. The orders come from the government…

One very well-known and regular visitor was Interior Minister Abdul Rahim Muhammad Hussein.

We will be split into two groups, one on horses, one on camels…

The aircraft went ahead of the Janjaweed. We saw the smoke, we saw the fire, then we went in…

Whenever we go into a village and find resistance we kill everyone. Sometimes they said wipe out an entire village…

We hear kill! Kill! Kill! And we shoot to kill…

Most were civilians – most were women…

Innocent people running out and being killed including children. And those who escape will die of thirst.

There are many rapes. But they don’t do it in front of others. They take the victim away and rape them.

Eric Reeves, has gives us his two cents in the Guardian.


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