Posted by: sean | November 11, 2006

Hizbollah and Amal quit government

Today saw the collapse of talks that started this week to bring together the anti-Syrian March 14 coalition, which controls the government, and the opposition (Hizbollah and its Shia ally, Amal, and its Christian ally Michel Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement) on the issues of expanding the cabinet to give the opposition more say, accepting an international tribunal on Hariri’s assassination and what to do about pro-Syrian President Lahoud, whose mandate was effectively extended by Damascus.

As a result, according to Hizbollah’s television station, Al-Manar, Hizbollah and Amal have both quit the government. This does not mean that the government is disolved, it would take another three cabinet ministers to do that (five resigned today), but it is likely that there will be big pro-Hizbollah street demonstrations next week, and there is the possiblity that this will bring down the government.

Hopefully, this will result in new, peaceful, elections, although many people here are afraid that this is the spark that will ignite another civil war.



  1. Sean, keep us updated about this. Also, if you could identify the key players in this political process, that would be great.


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