Posted by: sean | November 21, 2006

Hezbollah’s reaction to assassination

Hezbollah has issued a statement about the assassination of Pierre Gemayel Jr. through its television station Al-Manar:

There is no doubt that those who committed this crime want to push Lebanon into chaos and civil war and want to cut the way for any peaceful, political and democratic solution to the crises in Lebanon. The nature of the targeting as well as the timing, place and style of execution raise lots of suspicions and need to be deeply looked in before taking any position or reaction that could harm the country and fulfill the goals of the killers. We offer our condolences to former President Amine Gemayel and his family.

Otherwise, everyone, including the Syrian government, has officially denounced the killing, while Amin Gemayel, the father of Pierre Jr. and former president of Lebanon urges calm:

I have one wish, that tonight be a night of prayer to contemplate the meaning of this martyrdom and how to protect this country…. I call on all those who appreciate Pierre’s martyrdom to preserve his cause and for all of us to remain at the service of Lebanon. We don’t want reactions and revenge.


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