Posted by: sean | November 23, 2006

Lebanese Jujitsu

One last thing before I go out:

I just read this report from Le Monde, which is a pretty standard piece, with the exception of one detail. They have this quote from Walid Jumblatt, the head of the Druze party and part of the March 14 anti-Syrian coalition: “There will be neither security, nor peace, nor democracy [in Lebanon] so long as the Syrian regime is in place.”

I had never thought before now that the March 14 coalition might be aiming higher than just keeping Syria out of Lebanon. Judging from Jumblatt’s remarks, though, they might be aiming for some political jujitsu in which the obviously weaker Lebanese use Syria’s own weight (or perceived weight) to overthrow the regime in Damascus. This would mean using Damascus’ involvement in the assassination of Gemayel (real or apparent) against it.


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