Posted by: sean | November 23, 2006

The restless Lebanese

It has begun. Starting early this morning, at around 9, the Christian streets in my new neighborhood have been full of chanting, flag waving, horn honking and portrait brandishing. Now, the sound of sirens had added to the mix.

Last night, the Phalangists, along with some Armenians and some Hariri Futurists, marched through my neighborhood with fanfare and flags. Every once in a while, they would stop and salute a salute that, frankly, reminds one of the Nazi Sieg Heil.

The big protest is today, and everyone is making their way downtown. Text messages have been flying around with decrees like, “Enough is enough. Any Lebanese who doesn’t go to the protest today is an accomplice to murder!”

I’ll be making my way downtown shortly to see how it unfolds.


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