Posted by: sean | November 26, 2006

Our Walls Bear Witness: Darfur exhibition

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is currently holding a photo exhibition on Darfur:

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum will project wall-sized images of the escalating genocide in Darfur onto its façade during Thanksgiving week, marking the first time the national memorial’s exterior will be used to highlight contemporary genocide. The program, “Darfur: Who Will Survive Today?” is a unique and highly symbolic Museum project produced in association with Darfur/Darfur to draw attention to the continuing crisis in Darfur.



  1. While the genocidal Prime Minister of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir awaits his arrest warrant, Turkey is giving his deputy, Ali Osman Mohammed Taha, the red carpet treatment. This after Turkey lambasted the way Israel fought Hamas.

    Perhaps, the glaring inconsistency in criticism is rooted in civilizational differences. Turks, as Muslims, may identify with Palestinians more so than they do with Israelis. The same goes for black Darfuris.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Chris.

    Was it also “civilizational differences” that prompted the US to fly Sudanese intelligence/security chief Gosh to Washington at the height of the genocide?

  3. Thanks for bringing that article about the CIA bringing the intelligence chief of Sudan to the U.S in 2005. I’d like to point out though that though that the article is titled “C.I.A. Role in Visit of Sudan Intelligence Chief Causes Dispute Within Administration.” The first sentence is “A decision by the Central Intelligence Agency to fly Sudan’s intelligence chief to Washington in a C.I.A. jet in April set off a dispute inside the Bush administration, with some officials arguing that such recognition for a government accused of genocide and ties to terrorism sent a regrettable signal, administration officials said on Friday.”

    That incident was very different from the current issue of Turkey hosting the Deputy Prime Minister of Sudan. In the current case, a foreign official is officially hosted. In the 2005, the CIA, apparently without the approval of the State Dept., brought a foreign intelligence agent (head of agency) to the U.S. To host the deputy PM is to indicate good relations. The work that intelligence agencies do with one another should not be construed as having wider diplomatic implications.

  4. I’m afraid that I disagree. “Some officials,” isn’t enough, and I sincerely doubt that the CIA would have crossed the White House (or gone behind their back) to bring Gosh to Washington. His visit was official, and like it or not, the signal such a visit sent to Khartoum is that via the Sudanese mukhabarat, Khartoum has some pull in Washington.

    As long as we’re making comparisons between Ankara and Washington, I’d say that the latter’s behavior toward Sudan is similar to Erdogan making fiery speeches against Israel while simultaneously buying unmanned drones from Tel Aviv.

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