Posted by: sean | December 1, 2006

Opposition rally a success for Hezbollah and allies

Today’s demonstration was a success for the opposition coalition, not least of all for its peaceful nature and family atmosphere. There were at least twice as many people as the funeral cum rally held by the anti-Syrian governing coalition. There was a festive mood today in Martyr’s Square and its environs, with Muslims and Christians, supporters of Hezbollah, Aoun, Amal and Frangieh coming out in droves in an attempt to force the current government to resign.

What looked like hundreds of thousands of Lebanese came out, for the most part following Nasrallah’s call to brandish Lebanese flags instead of those of sectarian political parties.

It seems that the opposition has learned from the visual rhetoric of the March 14 governing coalition, giving their opposition a multi-confessional, and finally Lebanese , air as Christians and Muslims came together to show the government their discontent.

One mixed group of youths sat together smoking shisha as they took turns chanting political slogans supporting various Lebanese political parties: first Hezbollah, then Christian politicians General Aoun and Sulieman Frangieh and then finally even Iran.

Here are some photos I took of the event:



  1. It looks like we have a revolutionary social movement brewing there. As far as the available record shows, Hizbullah has not yet engaged in violence against the Lebanse state. Although the protest was peaceful at the moment, only time will tell what will happen.

    Nice photographs by the way.


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