Posted by: sean | January 8, 2007

Just another Iraqi tribe?

I was reading a back and forth in the London Review debating the source of anti-Semitic remarks that had been attributed (falsely it seems) to Hassan Nasrallah, all of which came in response to Charles Glass’s recent piece about Hezbollah learning from its mistakes. This led me to go check out some of his previous writings, since he seems to be an interesting character who studied at the American University in Beirut and was kidnapped by Hezbollah in the 1987.

While reading his piece in The Nation, From Beirut to Damascus, I came across this: “Kamal Salibi, Lebanon’s historian laureate at the American University of Beirut, used to tell me the Palestinians had made the mistake of becoming another Lebanese tribe.”

And this started me to thinking, has the US become just another Iraqi tribe?

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