Posted by: sean | January 10, 2007

So much for diplomacy

The US has changed its policy of working through Somali warlords (previously) and the Ethiopian military (recently) by bombing a Somali fishing village near the border with Kenya where Somali Islamists were allegedly hiding, possibly with some local Al-Qaeda operatives.

American officials said terrorists from Al Qaeda had been the target of the strike, which they said had killed about a dozen people. But the officials acknowledged that the identities of the victims were still unknown.

Several residents of the area, in the southern part of the country, said dozens of civilians had been killed, and news of the attack immediately set off new waves of anti-American anger in Mogadishu, Somalia’s battle-scarred capital, where the United States has a complicated legacy.

As was to be expected, this seems to have gone over like a lead balloon in Somalia, particularly as there have been reports that many civilian farmers and their livestock were killed in the bombing.


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