Posted by: sean | March 7, 2007

Minnawi’s forces kill peacekeepers

Al Jazeera reports on the murder of two AU peacekeepers in Darfur:

Two African Union peacekeepers have been killed and another critically wounded after being shot by gunmen in Darfur, the AU said Wednesday.

The peacekeeping mission said it was “deeply concerned” that the gunmen are believed to belong to the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), the rebel faction that signed the Darfur peace agreement last May.

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the AU has its headquarters, a Darfur force official said the dead soldiers were Nigerian.

“They were just shopping. They were unarmed and they were attacked by unidentified men,” said Mahmoud Kane, the head of the Darfur Intergrated Task Force.

“This deplorable and condemnable act was perpetrated by gunmen believed to be elements belonging to Sudan Liberation Movement or Army [Minni Minnawi faction], which is in full control of [the town of] Graida,” an AU statement said.

Minni Minnawi is the SLA leader who signed the peace agreement.


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