Posted by: sean | March 16, 2007

Interpol and Buenos Aires bombing

Al Jazeera reports on updates on the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing:

The international police agency, Interpol, plans to request for the arrest of five prominent Iranians and a Lebanese allegedly involved in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural centre in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.

But Tehran is expected to appeal against the international requests, an Iranian official said on Thursday.

The bombing killed 85 people and wounded 200.

Interpol added on Thursday that it had turned down Argentina’s request for help in the arrests of three other Iranians, including Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former president.

It plans to issue “red notices” for the Iranians on March 31, unless either Iran or Argentina appeals the decision first, failing which the matter would be discussed at Interpol’s general assembly in November.

Iranian Denials

Argentinian prosecutors have alleged that the attack was orchestrated by leaders of the Iranian government and executed by the Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

The six people on Interpol’s list include Ali Fallahijan, the former Iranian intelligence chief.

Imad Moughnieh, a Lebanese, is also wanted for allegedly kidnapping Westerners in Lebanon in the 1980s, and suicide attacks on the US embassy and a US marine base in Lebanon which killed more than 260 Americans.

Iran has denied involvement in the bombing and said it would oppose any attempt to detain its citizens.


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