Posted by: sean | March 16, 2007

Sudan found liable in USS Cole civil suit

From the AP:

A federal judge on Wednesday found Sudan liable for the attack on the now-repaired Navy destroyer, but said he would need time to study all the evidence and documentation to determine the amount of damages the families deserve.

“There is substantial evidence in this case, presented by the expert testimony, that the government of Sudan induced the particular bombing of the Cole by virtue of prior actions of the government of Sudan,” U.S. District Judge Robert G. Doumar said at the end of a 1-day trial in Norfolk, where the now-repaired Cole is based.

…Four experts on terrorism, including former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, testified in person or by deposition Tuesday to support the families’ contention that al-Qaida needed the African nation’s help to carry out the attack.

“It would not have been as easy — it might have been possible — but it would not have been as easy,” Woolsey said, referring to Sudan’s alleged assistance in providing economic support, places to train and false documents.

The experts testified that Sudan let terrorist training camps operate within its borders and gave al-Qaida members diplomatic passports and diplomatic pouches to ship explosives and weapons without being searched. They cited testimony from other trials, a declassified Canadian intelligence report, State Department reports and their own studies.


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