Posted by: sean | April 8, 2007


I was hanging laundry to dry yesterday while the TV was on in the background. It just so happened that CNN was on, and there was a discussion of the treatment of the captured British servicemen and woman and whether or not it amounted to torture.

Just now I tried to find an online version of the story and a google search for “cnn british captives torture iran” came back with this question: “Did you mean: cnn british captives torture iraq“?

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the question. Terry Jones agrees.



  1. Yes, but Terry Jones dismisses history and is therefore reactionary. Historically speaking, Iran has been rather brutal to say the least concerning the treatment of their foreign prisoners. Let’s not forget that. Therefore, it would seem that the human treatment of those British soldiers came at an opportune time where Iran can somewhat demonstrate a degree of humanity. Any rational observer must understand that this attempted demonstration is just that – a demonstration -, if not a political ploy.

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