Posted by: sean | June 13, 2007

Another bombing

There was just another bomb on the Corniche in al-Manara next to the Military Sports Club and the cafe where I often go for arguileh and tea on Sunday mornings. According to Reuters, there have been 4 deaths and more injured so far.

LBC is reporting that Future party MP Walid ‘Aydu was killed in the explosion. Judging from the pictures on television, the explosion was a pretty bad one.

Al-Manara is pretty much my old neighborhood in West Beirut. (I used to live about 5-6 minutes by foot from the bomb site.) I’m trying to call my friends who still live in the area, but, as usual, the networks are jammed and I can’t get through. I’m sure they’re all right, but you can never help yourself from worrying nonetheless…

UPDATE: LBC is now saying that the death toll is 10 people, including ‘Aydu’s son and bodyguards. (I’m not sure how people are spelling his name in English — it may be Eidu.)

UPDATE2: The body count is now apparently up to 15. Ya haram.


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