Posted by: sean | July 28, 2007

Captured Israeli soldiers

This an-Nahar report says that one of the Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah last summer is dead. The headline makes it sound like the dead is recent, but the actual article itself makes it sound like the death isn’t a new thing:

Israeli Soldier held by Hizbullah Dies

One of the two Israeli soldiers held by Hizbullah for more than a year has died and the other is still alive the daily newspaper an-Nahar reported Saturday.

An-Nahar quoted unnamed German diplomatic sources as saying officials in Berlin tried to obtain from Free Patriotic Movement leader Michael Aoun “some information” about the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah operatives in a cross-border raid on July 12, 2006 which sparked a 34-day devastating war with Israel.

“Aoun refused to get involved in this issue. However, security agencies there understood that one of the two prisoners is still alive and the second had passed away,” the report said without further elaboration.

Aoun is allied with Hizbullah, which leads a campaign backed by Syria and Iran against Premier Fouad Saniora’s majority government.

The two Israeli soldiers held by Hizbullah are Ehud Goldwaser, 31, and Eldad Regev, 26.

Hizbullah had said it was prepared to swap them for Lebanese and Arab prisoners held by Israel.


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