Posted by: sean | August 6, 2007

Shi’a fatwa against honor killings

Last week, Lebanese Shi’a cleric Grand Ayatollah Fadlallah issued a fatwa banning honor killings, or honor crimes as he is calling them:

Lebanon’s most senior Shiite Muslim cleric issued Thursday a fatwa, or religious edict, banning honor killings, calling the custom of murdering a female relative for sexual misconduct “a repulsive act.”

The fatwa by Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah was a rare condemnation by a prominent cleric of the practice. Fadlallah’s office said he issued the statement in alarm over reports on an increase in honor killings.

“I view an honor crime as a repulsive act condemned and prohibited by religion,” Fadlallah, the most revered religious authority for Lebanon’s 1.2 million Shiites, said in a statement faxed to The Associated Press.

“In so-called honor crimes, some men kill their daughters, sisters, wives or female relatives on the pretext that they committed acts that harm chastity and honor,” said Fadlallah, warning that the practice was on the rise in region.

“These crimes are committed without any religious evidence, and mostly on the basis of suspicions,” added Fadlallah.

This, and Egypt’s recent hymen fatwa, are the kinds of religious edicts that I like to see.



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