Posted by: sean | August 11, 2007

Daily Star gossip

Following the Solidere story in the Daily Star, there has been some gossip, most notably from the Angry Arab (here and here), that the US Government was very unhappy with the piece and pressured to print a full rebuttal. He says that the Examiner section of the paper, which is for investigative journalism, is funded by USAID in order to promote transparency and accountability in the Arab media.

I have no idea whether or not the accusations are accurate or not, but it makes for interesting gossip, nonetheless. Maybe I’ll ask around to some friends and acquaintances who work at the Star.



  1. Have no idea about the Solidiere part, but some of the other accusations are misleading and inaccurate. I was there, too.

  2. Would you like to elaborate some?

  3. Well, the email from the sub is kind of a rant against the DS — a sometimes enjoyable and often deserved pasttime. But things like this:

    1) The DS did not “get rid” of Barry Came. They just failed to stand up for him when GS refused to renew his visa.

    2) Quitly’s piece on pearl harbor (funny and good, as usual) upset an advertiser, not the US embassy. And yes, you could say the DS again did not stick up for its staff.

    3) Khouri himself hired Young, and while i loathe young’s commentary and editorial page, young deserves some credit, although not much, for the fact that he wrote anti-syrian tirades for the DS when the M14ers were still enjoying their lunches in damascus.

    4) Visiting editors is exactly what public affairs people at embassies do, no matter the nationality. They dont threaten or intimidate. They, usually, are not that stupid. Are some of the members of their security detail boorish? Yes, but that is hardly a newsflash.

    5) The hiring and promoting LFers is nonsense. The DS does hire illiterates and incompetents, but usually for personal reasons (welcome to lebanon).

    YOung, the DS and embassy deserve scorn, but it should be intelligent and factual.

  4. Thanks for the information, Dave. As I implied with the title of this post (“gossip”), I generally take anything the Angry Arab says with a grain of salt, and truth be told, I’ll take your word over his any day of the week…

    What have you been up to? Are you going to start a new blog?

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