Posted by: sean | October 29, 2007

Congress and Israel

I was watching CNN last night while hanging pictures and folding laundry, when Wolf Blitzer came on. All in all, it was actually fairly interesting. He interviewed El Baradei from the IAEA, Jordan’s Queen Rania, the Turkish ambassador to the US, Barbara Boxer and Trent Lott. The last two were on after everyone else to respond to the issues being discussed.

Boxer was pretty well spoken and moderate about everything until she was asked about the Israeli bombing of Syria last month. El Baradei mentioned that neither the US nor Israel had provided the IAEA with any evidence of a Syrian nuclear program. He then rebuked the Israelis for shooting first and asking questions later instead of using the appropriate organization for such issues: the IAEA. So while Lott and Boxer disagreed on pretty much everything from the Armenian genocide bill to the rhetoric being used by the White House about a possible war against Iran, the one thing that they could agree on was that Israel has “the right to defend itself.”

It’s really uncanny. Neither said that they had been fully briefed on any intelligence concerning the Israeli strike in Syria, but both of them unequivocally supported it without any reservations. It’s to be expected from Lott, but Boxer, who spends much of her time chiding the Bush administration for talking about war in Iran and having gone to war in Iraq has nothing critical to say about Israel’s act of war.

Democrats seem to believe that politically speaking, they can be harder on the US, the country they’re ostensibly representing, than they can be with Israel, a foreign nation. The more stories I hear about Capitol Hill and the more performances like Boxer’s that I see, the more I think that there’s truth in Buchanan’s remark that Congress is Israeli-occupied territory.



  1. and all i can say is..

    if it was an act of war – why didnt the fully loaded syria who is teaming wih iranian arsenal deal with it appropriately.. ie notify the security council – respond – disclose information – deal with the evidence and expose the aggressors..

    instead it started by making it seem like an israeli plane fumbled into its territory..

    then it made it sound like we dropped munitions because we were being chased out by syrians and needed to ligten the craft to escape..

    then when the info leaked it said it was attacked..

    then it quickly erased all evidence and totally dismantled the entire location..



  2. thanks for the discussion.. :) another example of how you normally just ignore me and then tell me i cant have a discussion.. hahaha

    bahibak habibi

  3. for the record sean posted countless messages on my blog between the two comments above (that appear undated) – countless – machine gun style.. but as a matter of course hardly ever responds to anything i raise unless its a vanilla please tell me question..

  4. First of all, you’re right, I had gotten caught up in the other thread and completely forgot about this one. I often take a long time to respond on my own blog, which is a bad habit and might be one of the reasons I don’t have very many commenters in the first place.

    So here it goes: intentionally bombing another country is obviously an act of war. There’s not really much to say about that.

    As for Syria’s response, it’s, well, typically Syrian. They obviously aren’t ready for a shooting war with Israel, and going to the security council is a non-starter given the American and British vetoes, so they kept their mouths shut so as to not lose any face. Then when the information was leaked, they (most likely) got rid of the evidence and tried to downplay the attack, again to save face.

    Damascus isn’t stupid and knows that it can’t win a traditional shooting war with Israel right now, so they’ll bide their time and respond less overtly, with added support and weapons to Hezbollah, for example.

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