Posted by: sean | January 10, 2008

Geese in the Middle East

Back July 2006, Israel was “just defending itself” while laying waste to Lebanon after the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah. However Israel is mystified when two rockets are fired from the South of Lebanon into Israeli territory this week. To hear Haaretz tell it, those rockets just came out of the blue for no good reason:

Earlier Tuesday, Israel filed a severe complaint with the United Nations Security Council and with Ban over the Katyusha firing.

The rockets struck the western Galilee town of Shlomi early Tuesday morning, causing no injuries. One of the rockets lightly damaged a house, and the second hit a street in the twon. Army Radio reported that the second rocket damaged an electricity pole.

The complaint called the rocket fire a severe violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, which brought the Second Lebanon War to an end.

According to the complaint, the rocket fire was additional evidence the resolution has yet to be fully implemented and therefore there is still a threat to Israel…

In the whole article there isn’t a single mention of the shepherd Fadi Ahmad Abdel Aal, who was kidnapped the day before by the IDF:

The Israeli military said it had detained a man crossing the border with Lebanon.

“During an IDF (Israeli army) activity a suspect was identified crossing the Blue Line into Israel. He was arrested inside Israel and has been taken in for questioning,” an Israeli army spokeswoman said.

She declined to give the suspect’s nationality but said he was not Israeli.

However, a Lebanese security source told AFP the Israeli soldiers had abducted a man they named as Fadi Ahmad Abdel Aal inside Lebanon and “brought him inside Israel with them.

“The soldiers made an incursion of 100 metres (yards) to reach agricultural land where they found the shepherd,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

The UN peacekeeping force said it had been informed of the incident by the Israeli military.

“UNIFIL has been informed by the IDF that they have apprehended a Lebanese citizen and we are in contact with them in order to resolve the situation as soon as possible,” UNIFIL spokeswoman Yasmina Bouziane told AFP.

Israeli forces have in the past seized Lebanese shepherds along the border and taken them for questioning over possible links with Hezbollah militants. They are usually released after questioning.

So let’s just recap here: in 2006, two Israeli soldiers are captured by Hezbollah, and that warrants a month-long spasm of bombs that killed over 1,000 civilians. This week, a Lebanese shepherd is “detained” (not to say kidnapped) by the IDF, and when two rockets are fired into Israel resulting in no casualties, this is “evidence” that “there is still a threat to Israel.”

When it comes to Israel, what’s good for the goose, it seems, is not good for the gander.


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