Posted by: sean | January 25, 2008

Téléphone cassé: another bomb in Beirut

I was just watching OTV, and they showed footage of the latest explosion in the Chevrolet neighborhood just north of Beirut. It was a huge explosion, and I saw at least 3 or 4 mangled bodies, some still in cars, others with their gory limbs strewn about on the ground.

Naharnet has an updating banner that says that the target was an Internal Security Forces (ISF) vehicle and that “a senior security officer was targeted.” Now they’re being more precise and saying that it was Captain Wissam Eid, who has a high-ish position in the darak (security forces). It’s also being said that there was an unnamed judicial official among the victims.

Everyone always speaks of a “message” that’s being relayed by this bomb or that. Perhaps I’m just daft, but I don’t know what these messages are, to whom they’re addressed or from whom they’re postmarked. It’s like playing the telephone game (téléphone cassé, if you’re from Lebanon) where a message gets sent down a chain of whispering kids until it’s unintelligible at the end. The only difference is that instead of whispers and kids, it’s car bombs and mangled corpses.

If the Naharnet count is right, we can chalk up ten dead people today in the game of téléphone cassé.


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