Posted by: sean | March 10, 2008

Paris breaks political impasse in Lebanon

I’d like to offer a solution to the political impasse as presented by a friend of mine in Paris. I’ve translated it into English for the Anglophone audience, but the original can be found in the comments of the previous post:

The example of Lebanon inspires new political choices for me which consist of fighting to eliminate the presidential office. The revolution did not finish the job; it was necessary to cut off the head of the state; the only president of this country will remain a cheese.

I also think that since Lebanon can’t find itself a capable man to rally all the parties behind him, it’s making a recruiting error, for because this man doesn’t exist, it’s necessary to widen the recruitment to other species: animals, vegetables or maybe an object, a machine, something that symbolizes Lebanon, a new totem.

The list is long. What do you think about an octopus, a cedar, a Mercedes, a 4×4, a fork, a chick pea or a lubbia?

I know that N has a preference for donkeys, and maybe that isn’t such a bad idea. It’s a hardy animal that can carry heavy loads upon its shoulders without ever complaining.

I think you guys need a donkey. It’s a noble animal that we must reclaim. Furthermore, that would allow the beginning of a new collection of stickers for parties and colors. I’ll trade you my Hezbollah donkey for your Lebanese Forces carrot.

I don’t know if my modest contribution will allow the country to get out of this crisis, but if you think it’s useful, spread the word, because we never know, the world’s going crazy, so let’s take it at its word and enjoy it.


  1. I’m going to have to ask you to put it on the flag…


  2. Thank you for caring :)

  3. Nicolien: I’ll have to see if I can brush up on my photoshop skills and find a suitable carrot or donkey.

    Jade: Thanks for stopping by!

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