Posted by: sean | March 12, 2008

The world in maps

The Middle East Strategy at Harvard blog sometimes publishes some really ridiculous stuff that ought not be taken seriously by anyone. But every once in a while, the administrators of the blog (whose identities remain unknown, to me at least) put something up that’s really helpful. This time, it’s two maps of the West Bank. To my mind, this one is particularly helpful in understanding why the two-state solution is probably no longer viable (click on image to get larger pdf version):

We often hear about how impossible a one-state solution would be, but maps like this show how close Palestine and Israel already are to being a single state. In any case, what’s left of Palestine and is on offer as a Palestinian state isn’t much and could never function as an independent state. The quicker we realize this and start working towards peace accordingly, the quicker the violence will end and the quicker we (Jews and Arabs alike) can get to making the Middle East a good place to live again.



  1. I’m not following you here.

  2. I don’t see Israel ceding land to create a Palestinian state, all they need to do is look at how the Gaza withdrawal resulted in a hostile entity and daily rocket barrages. Why would they want to extend that to the WB as well? Especially when Abu Mazen scored lower than Hanniyyeh in the latest poll!

    Besides, the occupation costs them little in lives, the latest yeshiva shooting notwithstanding.

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