Posted by: sean | May 8, 2008

Civil war

I’m watching Hassan Nasrallah’s speech right now on television, and it’s very contradictory. One moment he says that this is war and that the government’s decision to get rid of their man at the airport and to declare the Party of God’s newly discovered independent telecommunications network illegal was a declaration of war. He says that Hezbollah’s weapons will never be turned inward, but then he says that he will cut that hand off that tries to touch those weapons. (Here it’s important to remember that the telecommunication network has been newly classified as a resistance weapon.) I never thought I’d say this, but Nasrallah kind of reminded me of Rumsfeld today.

Sometimes I wonder if in 1975, people knew that they were in a civil war. I have a feeling that long after the day that we now recognize as the start of the war, many people didn’t know they were in one. Everyone’s talking about whether or not this means war. Somehow I’ve got the feeling that we’re already in a civil war, but we just haven’t realized it yet.

UPDATE: There’s something decidedly disconcerting about hearing the RPG explode in the distance right before you hear it on the television. MY neighborhood is calm right now; the opposing Christian factions have so far kept their distance from the fighting, but I can hear automatic gun fire and RPGs in the distance. 1840, 1958, 1975, 2008? Plus ça change…


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