Posted by: sean | May 16, 2008

Still alive

Thanks to those who have sent messages wondering if I was all right and where I was. I took a trip up to the Chouf on Tuesday and spent the night in a village in the mountain. I visited some of the Druze shebab to see how things were and how they were feeling after their unexpected victory over Hezbollah in Barouk.

When I got back to Beirut, what I thought was just a long electricity cut turned out to be several days without power (that’s getting fixed while I type, insh’allah). So I’ve been out of the loop, news and otherwise, and will need some time to wrap my head around things before posting any comments about the situation.

There’s also the fact that during the last week, I’ve not really wanted to do much except sleep. As a result, I didn’t get any work done and am now swamped with things that have been left undone up to now.


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