Posted by: sean | May 25, 2008

New President in Lebanon

Even if I didn’t have cable, I’d be able to tell that the new president had just been appointed elected by the gunfire that we can all hear throughout Beirut.

There’s one thing that I’ve noticed since the Doha agreement was reached: both sides seem to feel like they’ve won. Part of me (the realist or pessimistic part of me) thinks that this is another example of the Lebanese “lick-and-stick” philosophy that is equally present in the domains of plumbing and politics. This philosophy states that it’s much easier to make a minor, temporary adjustment than to fix something properly. This means that my electric wire that used to run from the meter through the walls to my apartment now comes in through the window in the corridor.

The other part of me thinks that maybe, just maybe, if both sides think they’ve won, then maybe that means that we’re in a win-win situation.


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