Posted by: sean | June 11, 2008

Three years later

Sometimes when I’m bored (or should be grading papers), I take a look at my stats to see how the few people who read this blog got here. I often feel a mixture of fear and pride when I see that people from the State Department or the Senate or the Pentagon have made their way here. Other times, I wonder what someone was doing googling Hezbollah and skinnydipping.

Every once in a while, I come across someone who’s seemingly been caught googling himself. In this case, it looks like UCSD’s Bill Decker came across a post about Guantánamo Bay after doing a Google search to see if anyone was talking about a letter to the editor he wrote three years ago.

It must not be very often that this physics professor finds talk about him online that’s unrelated to bifurcations in natural convection, much less remarks that compare him with a Soviet Chief State Prosecutor. If you’ve come back, Bill, welcome. Please feel free to continue patting the US on the back for only imprisoning people at Guantánamo Bay instead of having them summarily executed.



  1. Maybe they were looking for this post? :)

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