Posted by: sean | September 2, 2008

More of the hack you love to hate

It seems that Michael Totten’s hackery isn’t limited to Lebanon and the rest of the Arab world. Take a look here for an amusing take down of his recent reporting on Georgia.



  1. Delicious, ain’t it?

    It gets funnier. Seems he was destined for baku for some strategic communications ahead of Cheney’s visit to the region. Trip may have been organized by a dc-based lobbyist who helped put the kabosh on the Armenian genocide resolution in the House. With friends like these …

    Jealous of your trip. Looked awesome. Hope all is well — dave (apo)

  2. Yeah, I’m not surprised that his trip was a political junket. I think he’s gotten where he’s been wanting to be: paid to travel places and write press releases from “on the ground.”

    I love how he keeps insisting that he’s doing “independent journalism.” But then again, I think he’s actually too stupid to realize that he’s whoring himself out to the likes of the Guardians of the Cedars and Eli Khoury, and now it seems to the Azeri and Georgian governments.

  3. Lest you forget his articles in support of the Surge or his travelogue on behalf of the Kurdistan Development Corporation. And of course, riding shotgun on an IDF tank. That, too … d

  4. […] The Barney Fife of Middle Eastern “expertise” is at it again. With a couple of exceptions, I try to not write about Michael Totten, mostly because his ignorance makes my head hurt, and his […]

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