Posted by: sean | November 30, 2008

SSNP attack on the media

Miss Tee has an interesting post up about the brutal beating of Future TV reporter Omer Harqous by SSNP thugs here. She’s translated into English an important article by Samah Idris that appeared in al-Akhbar.

For a news report of the incident in English, you can check out the Daily Star and Menassat.



  1. Hey maybe you can read arabic. This was linked as a comment to the post where you tried to argue for a while. Check an Al manar Tv guy beaten up but not mentioned in the press.

  2. The one where I tried to argue… is that the same post where you tried to write?

    I can read Arabic, but it’s slow and tedious. The link doesn’t seem to be working for me right now, but I’ll give it another try later today.

    In any case, if a journalist from al-Manar got beaten up, then that’s unacceptable, and whoever did it should be arrested.

  3. of course of course, but the news only picked up the other beating.

    again sean, nobody is against ‘fairness’, ‘justice’, etc. and all these concepts you think you’re the only one defending. What’s important is how they are played out in reality.

  4. sorry comment was submitted before i finished.

    so just to add: sometime when you think you are lifting these concepts above everything else you end up doing the exact contrary, because you are advancing one ideological stance, one way of reading justice.

    That’s what you do when you try to ‘judge’ Lebanese politics.

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