Posted by: sean | March 1, 2009

The strange career of a Moldovan bouncer

I’m still waiting to get my land line installed, and so still don’t have the internet at home, which explains why posting (and responding to comments) has been so slow lately. Insh’allah, this will be remedied in the next week or so.

But in the meantime, and to show that I’m willing to give credit where credit is due, here is Hitchens’s piece on Lieberman, the Moldovan bouncer turned Israeli kingmaker:

Now we have to watch the rise of a thug and a demagogue who has called with relish for the execution of elected Arab members of Israel’s parliament if they meet with Hamas, who has demanded the drowning of Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea, whose supporters chant “Death to the Arabs” at their rallies, and who has materialized the worst fears of those Arabs who have made the longest-lasting accommodation with the Jewish state.

Otherwise, for another piece on Lieberman, check out this profile on Lieberman, the Minister for National Fears,  by Gorenberg in the Atlantic.


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