Posted by: sean | April 20, 2009

Walid Jumblatt in Playboy

I came across a post on +961 about an interview with Jumblatt in the July 1984 edition of Playboy. Apparently, they came across it on a LF message board. If you’re like me, you’ve heard of this interview but never actually read it. In any case, I’ve made the scanned JPGs into a PDF and have posted for your enjoyment.

Walid Jumblatt: A candid conversation — about Beirut and civil strife, “Dallas” andreincarnation — with the Lebanese war lord who held off the marines



  1. Sean,

    Thx. Very interesting indeed. I am just old enough to remember the events described. I am still unsure as to what my favourite quote wd be. I d say about a dozen candidates. Not bad for one single interview.

  2. really really cool.

    He takes responsibility for the marine-barracks bombing. Thats a interesting point in the Hezballah debate…

  3. Interesting stuff and a good post.
    One of the more interesting things is that the reporter seems to think that the Geymayels killed Jumblatt senior. Although Jumblatt dismisses that notion, he does not (for perhaps obvious reasons) flat syrian involvement.
    Also, I hadnt realised his first wife had killed herself.

  4. I’m a Christian from the shouf mountains. Walid Bullshit is a snake and a killer of women and children. He is the killer of my father and I will never forgive him. I hope he does not get killed but die of suffering from something like we suffered.
    He does not only hate the Phallangist, they hate Christians in general.
    Walid Jumblatt, go to hell.

  5. I’m so out of date, but I’m sending this to all my friends. Quite impressive, sean!

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