Posted by: sean | June 12, 2009

Iranian elections

ahmadinejadJudging by the ineptness of some of the international coverage of Lebanon’s elections, it stands to reason that there is equally as little insight into the Iranian elections today on offer from the same sources. That being the case, I’d like to find a decent source on the elections there.

I know I’m late in the game, but our navel gazing here in Lebanon has kept me busy along with the end of the semester, so I’d be grateful for any tips on articles or blogs that are helpful in deciphering the elections that I imagine are as complicated as those we had last weekend.

Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention (not unlikely at all), but I haven’t heard much about the run-up to the Iranian elections. Please leave links in the comments, so we can share some information on elections that will likely have a big impact on the direction of regional machinations, particularly US-Iranian relations.


  1. This is one of the best academic papers on the foreign policy consequences
    and a fine iranian website

  2. When I tap in the otherworldly channel/network of Intuition I consistently get the message of a positive outcome from results of the Persian election :D

  3. This is going to sound basic, but a good start is the wikipedia page

    The wiki page had several poll results and breakdowns last I checked.

    Also, twitter feeds today marked with #iran #elections should give some feedback and links too

  4. I haven’t read it enough to judge its quality, but is certainly…pretty.

  5. No espainol?

    Paul Woodward in The Nation, “Iran’s hard-fought election”

    Marc Lynch here:

    J. Cole:

  6. Francais?

  7. The Guardian has decent coverage:

  8. […] a comment » Everywhere I look on my RSS feed is a call for links to information on the elections in Iran. Tom Ricks […]

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