Posted by: sean | June 13, 2009

Iranian developments

I’m entertaining guests from abroad and finishing up the semester’s grading, so I haven’t had any time to really read up on the election results in Iran, except to read Bobby Worth’s piece, which he’s continuously updating online.

I also have a friend of mine, Austin, who’s in Iran right now and keeping a blog. He reports that after announcing 69% of the vote for Ahmadinejad, the government is saying that it will no longer renew journalist visas since there will be no second round of voting:

Following the announcement of Ahmadinejad’s ‘landslide win’, the Ministry for Islamic Guidance and Culture, who are responsible for granting and extending press visas (which are only given out for a week to 10 days at a time) have also announced that since there will be no second round of voting there will be ‘no extension of visa at all’.

The wisdom of this seems questionable, as most journalists were planning on leaving soon after the elections any how. This, along with a sudden increase in interference with journalists’ work, can only discredit the reported results further.


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