Posted by: sean | June 14, 2009

Someone needs a fact-checker

080131-F-1644L-121While pointing out western double standards when it comes to elections, Abukhalil writes this (I kid you not) about Zimbabwe (emphasis mine): “The corruption of pro-US candidates (like the March 14 bunch) is preferred to the non-corruption of, say, Mugabe.”

Either this is a typo, or the Angry Arab knows absolutely nothing about Zimbabwe. Or very possibly both.

The regime in Harare is notoriously corrupt. And while land reforms were sorely needed, the sad truth is that many farms have gone from white farmers to Mugabe’s cronies, leaving the Zimbabweans who actually needed the land reform even worse off than before.

Zimbabwe ranks 160 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. To give you an idea how bad that is, Mugabe’s regime tied with those in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and the only countries in the world where citizens believe their government is more corrupt are the DRC, Chad, Guinea, Sudan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Myanmar and Somalia.

I suppose when your schtick is being Angry®, it’s not that important to be correct.


  1. Painfully funny…

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